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Types of Pest

Pests are more than annoying they can pose serious risks to your health and property. Pest's extensive experience focuses on attacking any pests already in your premises and breaking the pest lifecycle to help control unwanted invaders in the future. 


On the hunt for food, a single ant can lead the way for the entire colony to invade your home. The best way to control the problem is to find the nest and eradicate the queen.
Cockroaches Cockroaches Cockroaches can spread germs and breed at an alarming rate. Find out which types of cockroaches you have
Fleas Fleas
Fleas feed on human blood through small bites in the skin. They can jump from your carpet up to your ankles and calves, and a female flea can produce up to 800 eggs during her lifetime. 
Rats Rats
Because rodents multiply so quickly, just a few can lead to an out-of-control infestation before you know it. Find out about our treatments and we can help with preventing them.

Wasps are very protective of their nests and will defend against invaders with painful stings.  Find out how to spot the signs and locate a nest

Moths Moths
Female moths can lay up to 200 eggs, and moth larvae feed on wool fabric and fur, doing damage to valuable clothing items. 

Bedbugs conceal themselves very well although visible to the human eye. Remain at most times undetected retreating into a range of cracks and crevices in its environment your abode!


Mice don't need to drink as there is enough moisture in the food, but if they do then about 3 ml is the usual amount per day.

Pharaoh's Ants Pharaoh's Ant
The workers of this species of ant are only around 2 mm in length, with the queen being larger between 3 and 4 mm long, while the males are around 3 mm.

The Pigeons
The feral breeding population is boosted by racing pigeons or escaped birds from domestic lofts. The peak breeding season is between March and July but feral pigeons are capable of breeding all year sales.

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